Our hands are one of the first body parts to show signs of aging; they tend to age much faster than other areas of our bodies. This is because the skin on our hands is much thinner than the skin on our faces due to the lack of fat. Hands are also exposed to harsh chemicals like dish detergents and hand soap, which strip this skin of its natural oils. Moreover, we regularly expose our hands to the sun’s rays without protection. We simply don’t apply the same level of care to our hands as we do to our faces.

Can Botox Help Hands Look Younger?


Your hands will ultimately reveal your true age, making you look much older due to your hands that may have fine lines, bulging veins or liver spots. It is this exact reason that women who are getting married are turning to Botox so that their hands look beautiful in close-up wedding photographs. In fact, there has a been a 250 per cent increase in this treatment worldwide.

How Can Botox Help Hands Look Younger?

It is not actually Botox that truly helps hands look younger; it is actually a variety of fillers (similar to those that would be used on the face). In fact, fillers are the number one method to achieve younger looking hands. Radiesse, for example, works well at hiding both veins and tendons as this is a “volumizing” type of filler, which plumps up the skin and makes veins and tendons less visible. Restylane and Juvederm, on the other hand, can diminish fine lines. You can use a combination of these fillers for unparalleled results.

How Does it Work?

Once the dermal filler is injected, it is massaged into the skin so that it plumps out the hands. The treatment takes no more than 20 minutes and the results can be immediate. Given the fact that hands have fewer muscles than the face, which break down the filler much faster than fillers that are injected into the face, the results can last up to two years. Even better, there is evidence to suggest that these fillers stimulate the production of your own collagen, meaning that over time, your body provides even more defences against aging. Therefore, you will not need as many anti-aging treatments in the future. There is also no pain or downtime involved with any of these treatments.  

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