Botox is a highly common cosmetic procedure. Botox is a facial injectable that correct signs of aging by causing wrinkles to soften, or even disappear.

Botox For Younger Clients


Botox is a very safe procedure, which involves no downtime. It isn’t permanent–results usually last three to four months, so maintenance is necessary. Botox has such great results, and it’s such an easy procedure, no wonder it’s so popular!

Many people consider Botox, or other facial injectables, as something that is done once wrinkles appear. There is definitely a stereotype that it is only older people need Botox! Many women in their twenties and thirties consider Botox as something they might get as they age, but not at the moment. However, some surgeons are now recommending Botox earlier–in your twenties and thirties–as a preventative measure against wrinkles.

Whether or not Botox is appropriate is dependant on the individual. For instance, those with fairer skin are more susceptible to wrinkles and sun damage and are good candidates for early Botox.

Plastic surgeons can spot signs of wrinkles to come as early as your early twenties. While Botox treatments generally aren’t performed on people that young, those in their early twenties may still benefit from treatment. Botox can be used to correct facial asymmetries, such as a drooping brow. It can also be used to correct repetitive expressions, for instance, stop you from furrowing your brow without noticing. Botox can, when used over time, retrain these muscles, and stop wrinkles from forming in the first place!

In younger patients, surgeons usually stick to small amounts of Botox, to avoid a “frozen” face. Only two or three treatments a year are generally recommended, but, of course, the only way to know exactly what amount and frequency is right for you is to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

It isn’t usually until your late twenties that surgeons start recommending preventative Botox. While it may seem early, preventative Botox will mean that you may not need more extreme procedures down the road, such as other fillers, or surgical procedures.

Botox is an easy, painless, fast, and affordable procedure that can make a huge difference to patients of all ages! Whether you’re looking to correct wrinkles, or facial symmetry, or whether you’re looking to take preventative measure against the signs of aging, you can benefit from Botox treatment!

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