Breast augmentation is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery. Every year, millions of women around the globe undergo the procedure to get breast implants placed. Before having this procedure yourself, it’s important you achieve a complete understanding on breast implants and the breast augmentation procedure. And so within this article, we’ll look at four things you didn’t know about getting breast implants.

4 Things To Know About Breast Implants


  1. Recovering Patients Don’t Require an Extended Leave from Work

One of the top misconceptions of the breast implant procedure is that it requires the patient to take an extended period off work. However, for most procedures, the patient will only have to take a few days off from their regular work schedule. This will give them enough time to recuperate and recover before heading back at work.

However, it is important that patients get the go-ahead from their doctor before resuming work activities.

  1. Patients can Try Different Sizes before the Surgery

The breast implant procedure is becoming more sophisticated. In the past, patients had to rely on their surgeon’s opinion of the best size, shape and implant style, now patients can try different implant sizes before their procedure. Fillers are a tool that professionals can use to help patients determine their ideal breast implant size. These fillers are a bead-filled neoprene sack that can be neatly placed in the bra to determine optimal cup size.

  1. Working Out Before the Surgery Can Help Shorten Recovery Time

One of the leading advantages of breast implant treatment is that there are ways patients can actively reduce their own healing time post-surgery. For example, many patients implement strict exercise regimens before they undergo the procedure. This can help with healing and therefore restrict the pain patients may feel once the procedure has been completed.

  1. Implants Don’t have an Expiration Date

A prevailing myth about this procedure is that breast implants have an expiration date. This is completely untrue. Implants will only need to be replaced if they suffer a breakage or tear within the material. Most patients experience breast implant comfort throughout their lives after the procedure.

By uncovering the myths surrounding breast implants and highlighting the process behind the procedure, patients can now discover whether this surgical option will suit their long-term needs and preferences. To learn more on the breast implant procedure, speak with our team today!