A breast augmentation is now considered the safest and most effective way to increase the size and shape of your breasts. If you’re about to undergo the treatment in the coming weeks, you’ll want to know as much as possible about how to ensure a successful recovery from the procedure. Diet plays a key role within the recovery and preparation process for breast augmentation patients and in this latest post, we’ll highlight five diet tips for ensure augmentation success and comfort.

Diet Tips For The Post Breast Augmentation Stage


1.       Avoid Products That Thin the Blood

One important element of recovery is to avoid products that thin the blood, as this can lead to bleeding. This means you should avoid medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen as you begin your recovery. Your surgeon will highlight any potential blood thinning issues before you begin your surgery.

2.       Light Meals are Better for Recovery

During the initial stages of your recovery, try to only consume lighter meals. Your body might not be ready to digest larger, more solid items. And so you should try to stick with products such as crackers and soup as you gain your strength during recovery. You’ll soon recognize when you’re able to move on to larger meals.

3.       Drink Lots of Fluid

Water intake is an important element of the recovery process. During your recovery make sure you’re drinking more water than you normally would. This can help you avoid dehydration while you work your way back to consuming full meals.

4.       Protein Helps Healing

Meals high in protein should be consumed in the later stages of your recovery process, as proteins can help to heal the wounds from your procedure. Food products such as poultry and other meats are ideal. Vegetarians have the option of eating quinoa, beans, tofu and nuts to improve their protein intake.

5.      Low Sodium

Low-sodium foods are often recommended for patient recovery after a breast augmentation. That’s because sodium is one of the main causes of fluid retention and fluid retention can increase any swelling you might experience during the post procedure recovery phase. Try to reach for low sodium soups and crackers to improve your chances of a seamless transition back into everyday life.

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