Breast reduction treatment is now a popular option to help men remove the excess fatty tissue around their chest area. And so it’s important that men have a clear understanding on the optimal recovery process for the procedure. Within this latest post, we take a look at five expert tips for achieving a streamlined recovery after a male breast reduction treatment.

5 Recovery Tips For The Male Breast Reduction Patient


1. Choose The Optimal Sleeping Position

The patient’s sleeping position will be a crucial element in their speed of recovery. It’s important for patients to sleep propped up by their pillows and mattresses to reduce the swelling. Sleeping on the back is recommended during the first few days after the procedure.

2. Avoid Aspirin-Based Pain Relief

Aspirin-based pain relief is to be avoided during the recovery period, as it can potentially cause bleeding from the surgical site. It’s important that patients speak with their surgeon’s team if they experience significant pain for a prolonged period after the procedure.

3. Limit Showering

Patients should try to keep their wounds dry for at least 72 hours after the surgery to minimize pain and limit potential damage to the surgical site. Taking a shallow bath can be a good alternative for patients that must bathe during this timeframe.

4. Protect Scars From The Sun

To minimize the long-term appearance of scarring it’s important to limit sun exposure for the first year following surgery. This will help ensure that the scars heal quickly and fade in the coming years. The surgeon can help provide advice on scar reduction and can provide further information on the available care products.

5. Try To Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

Patients should be aware that their surgical site areas might be painful to touch for at least three weeks after the procedure. And so it’s often recommended that they wear loose-fitting clothing during that period of time. If the patient must dress professionally for work, they might wish to speak with their management team to discuss alternative clothing options for the month after the surgery.

By learning more on how to achieve the optimal recovery, male breast reduction surgery patients can ensure they achieve the ideal results from their procedure. Our team is available now to help guide you through the surgical process! To learn more on the procedure and on the recovery techniques that ensure the ideal results, call us today.