For many women, a small or uneven chest can be the source of low self-esteem. If you’re one of those women, breast augmentation surgery may be ideal. A breast augmentation procedure involves making the chest bigger, creating new, firmer contours, and creating symmetry of the breasts. However, before you consider this surgery, ask yourself the following six questions to ensure it’s the best move.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before A Breast Augmentation

  1. Why do I want a breast augmentation?

    If your breasts are uneven, small, or misshapen, a breast augmentation will fix those issues. But, you have to be doing it for you and not someone else. If a partner or someone else in your life is encouraging you to make your breasts bigger through augmentation surgery, don’t do it. The only reason to undergo a cosmetic surgery is if you want it, not somebody else.

  2. What are my goals with this surgery?

    Look at pictures online or in magazines to see the kind of size and shape you want your breasts to be. If your goal is to go from an A cup to a triple D then you need to rethink having a breast augmentation. Choose a cup size and shape that your body can support. Your surgeon will be able to help you determine what will look appropriate for your frame.

  3. How is my health?

    In order to undergo any type of surgery, you need to be in good health. That doesn’t mean that if you have asthma or diabetes that you can’t have a breast procedure done, but you will need to discuss it with your doctor first.

  4. Have I done enough research?

    Your general practitioner can recommend a surgeon, but you should also do your research. See what people are saying about the surgeon online before you book a consultation. Then, when you do meet with a surgeon, ask them questions like how many breast augmentations have they performed, and where did they train and go to school.

  5. Will I have time for the recovery period and follow up?

    Following a breast augmentation procedure you need to have patience and free time. If you cannot take a day off from work, you can’t have surgery. You need to give your body time to recover, and there will be follow-up visits with your surgeon to ensure that you are healing nicely and that your chest is responding well to its new contours.

  6. Are my expectations realistic?

    You will not wake up the day after your surgery with gorgeous new breasts. As mentioned, there is a recovery period that you have to wait through before noticing the results of your procedure. If you have realistic expectations, then this won’t bother you.