Aging, having children, genetics: these factors all play a role in the size and shape of our bust. Breast enhancement creams and pills promise to grow and shape our chests, but do they actually work? The answer is a resounding NO.

All About Breast Enhancement Cosmetics

What ingredients are in those creams and pills?

Breast enhancement creams and pills use a combination of botanical materials like fennel, wild yam extract, saw palmetto, and dong quai. These ingredients are classified as phytoestrogens because they are thought to have the same effects as human estrogen. In actuality, these phytoestrogens don’t do much in the way of making the bust bigger. They can stimulate your glands, but there’s no chance of your breasts actually getting bigger.

Be weary of “natural” creams and pills

Just because an item is deemed natural, does not mean that it’s not full of harmful ingredients. Furthermore, breast enhancement creams may cause you to develop an allergic reaction, leaving you with a rash or infection on your chest that can only be cleared through the use of antibiotics. Some of these natural creams and pills boast commercial claims that they actually work based on clinical trials, but, in reality, there is no basis to these claims.

Do breast enhancement creams and pills cause cancer?

There is much debate over this issue. However, it is important to note that any creams and pills that increase the glandular development of the breasts can increase your likelihood of developing cancer. This is not to signify that these pills and creams actually work, but they could stimulate the glands enough that the tissues are more susceptible to breast cancer.

How to safely get the chest you want

The only safe way to enhance your breasts is through a surgical procedure. Breast enhancement is done with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this type of procedure. This surgery makes the breasts more proportionate to the body, creates symmetry in sizing, and reshapes the breasts to restore any volume that has been lost due to weight loss, breastfeeding, or age. Breast enhancement uses silicone implants filled with saline, silicone gel, or a diluted salt water solution. The materials used to fill the implants are FDA and Health Canada approved.

To err on the side of caution, do not use breast enhancement creams or pills. They don’t work, and, in worst case scenarios, they can be extremely harmful to your health.

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