While the breast augmentation is considered one of the primary techniques for improving the shape and size of a woman’s breast, some patients worry that their nipples will not be able to be moved as part of the procedure, potentially impacting the results. And so within this latest post, we’ll examine the breast augmentation process in greater detail as we answer the question “Can nipples be repositioned during a breast augmentation?”.

Can A Surgeon Reposition Nipples During Breast Augmentation?


Breast Lifts Ideal for Repositioning the Nipple

The breast augmentation process involves using either a saline or silicone implant to improve the size and the shape of the breast. But most patients will find that their surgeon does not alter the position of the nipples during the procedure. Patients who require their nipples to be repositioned can undergo a secondary procedure such as a breast lift to complete the process. The breast lift repositions both the breast and the nipple on the body to give the person the ideal positioning for optimal breast appearance.

After the Breast Augmentation

While nipples are generally not altered directly by the surgeon during the breast augmentation, some patients may find that their nipples have changed in shape, size and position as a result of the surgical process. In most cases, the patient will have naturally younger, perkier looking nipples after the breast augmentation has been completed. They may also find that their areolas stretch after the procedure, but they tend to return to their original shape after the recovery has been completed.

Common Questions on Breast Augmentation

In addition to having questions regarding the positioning of their nipples after the surgery, many patients have a number of other questions regarding the augmentation process. These include:

  • Am I a good candidate?

Only the person’s doctor can determine whether they are a viable candidate. The doctor will consider factors such as age, health, and potential lifestyle impact when making a decision.

  • Is a breast augmentation painful?

Most patients want to know more on the level of pain they’ll experience during a breast augmentation. But with a skilled professional, it’s unlikely that any significant pain will be experienced. Patients can expect a feeling of tightness in the chest for a short period after surgery, and may also experience a small amount of swelling under the arms and abdomen.

  • How can I influence the results?

Patients undergoing a breast augmentation can influence the success of the procedure by following the doctor’s guidance and reading more online on how to achieve the optimal breast augmentation recovery.

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