How To Find The Right Bra Fit After An Augmentation

A leading challenge many breast augmentation patients face as they adjust to life after their procedure is that they cannot find the ideal bra. It’s critical to work with trusted specialists in the medical industry when having a bra fitted after an augmentation. And so, in this latest post we’ll explain how to find the right bra style for your post-augmentation body.

  1. Wait a Month

    Before immediately heading out to buy a new bra for your enhanced breasts, you should consider the potential for breast swelling, which can occur in some cases. Swelling can alter the shape and size of the breast for a short period of time after treatment. To minimize sizing mistakes, you should wait a month or so after your augmentation to begin looking for new bras for your wardrobe.

  2. Begin Measuring with Cup Size

    The most important element in choosing your new bra will be the cup size. With the change in the size of your breasts, the cup size will determine your overall comfort level. To optimally measure your new cup size, place the tape across the fullest part of your breasts. Then measure your torso under your breasts while keeping the tape level and flush to your body. The difference between your torso measurement and your breast measurement will provide you with the approximate cup size you’ll need.

  3. Choose a Sports Bra for Comfort

    Oftentimes breast augmentation patients find that their breasts are exceptionally sensitive for a month or two after their treatment. And so, if you face this problem, you might consider choosing a sports bra to wear for the coming month or so. The bra should offer some level of support, but should be padded to keep your skin from being impacted by the fabric and to minimize the pain of breast movement while walking during your recovery period.

  4. Don’t Buy More than a Few Bras Per Trip

    It’s important that you don’t spend your clothes-shopping budget for the year on bras for your first trip. Your breasts will likely change shape and size as your body adjusts to the augmentation and you find the most comfortable and best looking clothes for your new body. Take the time to browse your local marketplace, and speak with experts while picking out a couple of bras per trip to ensure you build a selection of comfortable, form-fitting pieces.

Our trusted medical experts are here to answer your questions on shopping for bras for your post augmentation body. To discover more on this subject, speak with our qualified team now!