If you’ve undergone a breast augmentation in the past, you might be concerned about the way the augmentation will impact your body during and after pregnancy. While most women with breast implants experience a comfortable and normal pregnancy, there are some issues you might face. It’s important to understand the impact of your breast augmentation during pregnancy, and so within this post we’ll explore four pregnancy issues for breast augmentation patients to be aware of.

Pregnancy Tips For Breast Augmentation Patients


  1. Augmented Breasts Are Resistant to the Loss of Shape

    Most women find that, after pregnancy, their breasts lose definition and shape. Augmented breasts can help to safeguard against this issue and are better able to resist the changes that come with pregnancy. Most women with breast implants will find that their breasts retain their shape well during and after pregnancy.

  2. No Known Safety Issues

    There are no known safety issues associated with breast implants and breast feeding children. As with any surgical treatment, it’s important to note that circumstances can change from one person to the next and that working with a specialist is the best way to ensure the optimal result. However, the studies show that the majority of women with breast implants are able to breastfeed and care for their child in the same way as other women.

  3. Post Pregnancy Treatment Available

    Some women find that, after their pregnancy is completed and their child is born, they aren’t happy with the changes to their breasts. While some changes are temporary and the result of breastfeeding, these changes can impact the way the patient sees themselves. Sometimes, they require further consultation with a specialist. There are multiple surgical options for women who have completed their pregnancy, including a breast lift, which can help to retain the position of the breasts on the body.

  4. Implant Placement is an Important Consideration

    One important element women for considering undergoing a breast implant in future is the placement of the breast implant. Those who may become pregnant after the implant might consider implant placement under the muscle, which allows for an extra layer of protection between the implant and the milk ducts, for clearer mammograms and a more comfortable feel.

Our team is here to guide breast implant patients on how to ensure a safe and happy pregnancy. To learn more, contact our trusted experts today!