After experiencing a breast enlargement surgery, it is important to enjoy as much comfort as possible as you move forward with your recovery. One of the most difficult elements of the recovery process for many breast enlargement patients is sleeping. However, there are several sleeping positions that can help you achieve comfort while reducing the impact on your chest. In this latest post we’ll take a look at the best sleeping positions for breast enlargement patients.

Your Guide To Achieving A Restful Sleep After Breast Enlargement


Sleeping on Your Back

Medical professionals recommend that you sleep on your back for four to six weeks after your breast enlargement procedure. You should try to keep your back elevated and remain as upright as possible to avoid placing pressure on your chest. Only after these four to six weeks have been completed, and your surgeon has given their approval, can you begin sleeping on your stomach again.

Sleeping on Your Side

While the vast majority of people will be sleeping on their side at some point during the night, it’s important that you take precautions to protect your chest if you choose this sleeping position. Try to surround yourself with pillows as you sleep on your side, as this will prevent you from rolling from one side to the other and impacting the area of the procedure as you try to sleep.

Wearing a Supportive Bra Is Critical

While trying to sleep during the first six weeks after your surgery, it’s important that you wear a bra that provides you with optimal support to prevent your breasts from moving too much as you sleep. The bra should be supportive but comfortable and should be designed so that no pressure is placed on the areas of the breast that are healing. Working with a trusted cosmetic specialist can help you choose bra options that are appropriate for the recovery process.

Speak to a Specialist Before Choosing Sleep Options

One of the most important steps you can take to ensure your comfort as you recover from breast enlargement surgery is to speak with a specialist about the various sleep aids available. A specialist can also help you make the right choice of sleeping position, and answer your questions if you’re experiencing any discomfort as you try to sleep during the night.

Our expert team is available now to work with you in optimizing your recovery after your breast enhancement procedure. To discover more about how to minimize sleep discomfort, speak with our trusted team directly today!