Breast implantation surgery can enhance the look of your chest by creating firmer, more attractive contours. For some women, implants can get rid of uneven breasts and create a better proportioned chest. There are many options when it comes to breast implants. One of the more popular options are cohesive gel implants.

Truth About Cohesive Gel Implants

What are cohesive gel implants?

Cohesive gel implants are filled with a thick formula of silicone gel. To the touch, these implants feel like a pliable solid instead of a liquid. Unlike other types of breast implants, cohesive gel implants possess a firmer feel and are less prone to rippling. Because this type of implant is so dense, in the event of a rupture, the gel will not leak out into the body. Ruptures, however, are of little cause for concern since they are highly unlikely and usually only occur in the event of a severe accident.

What is the difference between traditional silicone implants and cohesive gel implants?

Because cohesive gel costs more to manufacture than the materials used in traditional saline implants, cohesive implants are more expensive. In addition, cohesive gel implants require a larger incision due to their favored firmness. Traditional breast implants are squeezed or inserted through a small incision. For cohesive gel, the incision is made in the breast fold or around the areola.

Are their benefits to choosing cohesive gel implants?

This type of breast implants offers many benefits. Besides being safe—they are FDA and Health Canada approved—cohesive gel implants hold together to retain a uniform shape. Plus, the natural pliability of the implant so closely resembles breast tissue that few will know you had implantation surgery. Moreover, this type of implant is firmer than saline liquid implants, which means they are not susceptible to rippling. Cohesive implants come in a wide range of diameters to suit each person’s exact shape and size, such as round or teardrop-shaped. Cohesive implants also have different projection options so that everyone gets the exact look they want. They also possess a set fill volume for more predictable results and come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Cohesive gel implants are perfect for women who do not possess enough natural breast tissue or fat but wish to enhance their chest.

If you’re thinking about breast implantation surgery, cohesive gel implants may be right for you. Contact us for more information.