Breast augmentation treatment has long been considered one of the leading cosmetic options for increasing the size and improving the shape of the breast. But many women wonder whether they are either too old or too young to have the surgery. In this article, we’ll address the question: “What is the right age to undergo a breast augmentation?”


How To Determine The Right Age For A Breast Augmentation?


Maturity is an Important Factor

One of the most important elements in determining whether someone would be a viable candidate for the breast augmentation procedure is their emotional and physical maturity. This means that patients under 18 are usually not considered for breast augmentation surgery. Once the person has reached full maturity and is legally able to make their own decisions about their body, then the doctor will speak with them about their augmentation options.

Type of Implants is a Factor

The surgeon may also take into consideration the type of implants the patient will be receiving as part of their augmentation when determining the risk factors involved. For example, only patients older than 22 are considered suitable candidates for silicone implants because of the potential for continued breast tissue growth up until the age of 22. Patients having saline implants are often able to have their breast augmentation at the age of 18, because saline implants are less impacted by physiological changes.

Considerations for Undergoing a Breast Augmentation

It’s important for all patients to take into consideration the following elements when assessing whether or not to undergo a breast augmentation surgery:

Ongoing health

The doctor may determine that a 30-year-old with a health condition is an unsuitable candidate for a breast augmentation while a healthy 73-year-old remains a viable candidate. That’s because health is the most important element for surgeons to consider before surgery.


The day-to-day activities a person wants to take part in are also a pre-surgery consideration. If the patient is an athlete, they might consider how the breast augmentation might impact their ongoing training and recovery levels.

Mental wellness

A person’s mental well-being will also be carefully considered before the doctor moves forward with the procedure. They will speak with the patient about their reasons for undergoing the procedure and help guide them forward into making the right choice for their own personal health.


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