4 Tips For Preparing For A Breast Augmentation

The breast augmentation process enables patients to achieve their ideal breast shape and size. Preparation is a critical element in ensuring optimal results from your breast augmentation. And so, to guide the process along successfully, it’s important that you work with experts and prepare effectively for your procedure. In this latest post, we’re now presenting four tips for preparing for a breast augmentation.

  1. Create A Calming Home Environment

    One of the most important elements to your recovery after the augmentation will be your home environment. It’s important to remove any elements of stress that could pose a challenge in the future. Make sure that bills are taken care of before you go in for your procedure and try to ensure you’re coming back to a clean home. This will give you the ideal environment in which to succeed in the recovery process.

  2. Consult With Your Specialist On Medications

    Any medications you’re currently taking should be analyzed and approved by your plastic surgeon. This will ensure that they don’t interact with the medications you might require during your recovery process. For example, many patients are advised to stop taking blood thinners during the preparation stages for their breast augmentation, as this can cause significant safety concerns both during and after treatment.

  3. Contact A Loved One To Check In On You

    In managing your recovery process, you should have a loved one by your side when possible to ensure you’re recovering effectively and not suffering any adverse effects from your procedure. If you live alone, contact a friend to have them check in with you every day during your recovery. This will help you to feel supported during the recovery process and ensures you have someone to take you back to the hospital in the unlikely event you suffer serious side effects.

  4. Schedule Time Away From Work

    Your breast augmentation recovery is likely to take several weeks. So you might want to start booking time off from work well in advance of the procedure. This is especially true for those whose jobs involve heavy lifting, as most specialists recommend that patients don’t lift heavy objects for at least a month after their breast augmentation.

By starting the planning now you can work to streamline your augmentation procedure and provide the ideal foundation for successful treatment. Our trusted clinic team is now available to answer your questions and discuss your range of augmentation options. Call today to learn more!