Why Men Are Having Breast Reductions

The latest data show that more American men than ever are having male breast reduction surgery. Of the 60,000 breast reductions that took place last year, close to 40 per cent of those were male patients. There are many reasons behind this latest trend in cosmetic surgery. And in this latest post, we’ll take a closer look at the trend and the reasons behind the upswing in male breast reduction surgery.

Limited Recovery Times

One of the leading advantages of the latest treatments is that men can limit their recovery times compared to other forms of cosmetic treatment. In past years, male breast reduction surgery treatments had required many weeks of downtime after the procedure. This might have prompted colleagues and friends to ask questions of the patient. Now, the recovery time can be completed more discreetly in just a few short days of home rest.

Stigma Is Being Lifted

With the great level of social acceptance for men having cosmetic surgeries, many more male patients are using the opportunity to improve the look of their bodies. There is no longer a stigma attached to the cosmetic process. It’s now seen as a decision that is solely the individual’s to make, and their friends and family will be supportive of this decision to improve their body. It has given many men the confidence to take on cosmetic work and the opportunity they wouldn’t have had in eras past.

Better Results

When maintained alongside proper diet and exercise, men are now able to achieve better results than they might have done previously from their breast reduction. They’re now able to complete even complex reduction work with minimal scarring. This is ideal for those men who might have previously faced difficulty in losing weight around the chest area. And it also allows men to improve the definition of their pectoral muscles, giving them the added level of confidence when they go to the gym or when they swim at the beach during upcoming vacations.

Range Of Treatment Options

Another benefit of the latest breast reduction treatments is the range of options available. No longer do men simply have to undergo a complete reduction. Now, they are able to choose between full reductions and more mild options. This gives the individual the choice to undergo the ideal treatment for their body.

It’s a treatment option that is helping men sculpt their bodies and improve the look of their chest areas. To learn more on the latest trends in male breast reduction, contact our experts today!