A mother’s ability to nourish her child is certainly a miraculous event in nature; it offers the opportunity to create a bond between mother and baby and the benefits of being able to do so have been well documented. However, it is also a common concern for women to be worried about how breastfeeding will affect their breasts, particularly if they have had work done.


Can Breasts Become Asymmetrical After Breastfeeding?


Will my Breasts Become Asymmetrical After Breastfeeding?

The reality is that breastfeeding can cause changes to both breast size and shape. They may or may not not return to the way they once were after breastfeeding. It is also possible for breasts to become asymmetrical after breastfeeding. There are several reasons for this. First of all, this can be the simple result of the natural changes that take place as breast tissue swells with the production of milk and then shrinks again after breastfeeding. One breast may return to its normal size while the other might remain larger. One may also have a more flattened appearance.

Asymmetrical breasts can also occur due to a condition called breast engorgement, which occurs when the breasts overfill with milk in a very painful way. Breast engorgement is in fact very common among women. Some women who experience this condition can end up with a breast size that is one full cup smaller (or larger) than their other breast.

Another common problem after breastfeeding is breasts that sag due to the fact that the structures that produce milk return to their original size. However, other factors also influence whether breasts will sag after breastfeeding, including one’s body mass index, number of pregnancies, having large breasts prior to breastfeeding, age and whether or not you have a history of smoking.

What Can I do About Breast Changes After Breastfeeding?

Women are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to restore the appearance of their breasts; in fact, their breasts generally look much better than they did pre-pregnancy.

To correct asymmetrical breasts, the best treatment for this is generally a breast lift. This will reshape the breast tissue and reposition both the nipple and areola, making breasts appear more symmetrical. This would be the case if one breast sags more than the other. In other cases, if one breast is significantly larger than the other one, a breast reduction would be considered. If you want the smaller breast to match the larger breast, a breast implant or fat transfer would the the best option.

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