A brow lift procedure is one of the best techniques for counteracting the drooping effect that can take place on a person’s face over time. It gives a more youthful appearance and helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Soon after the procedure patients want to begin impressing others with their new look, and so a common question we hear is: “How soon can I wear makeup after a brow lift?” In this post, we’ll answer that question in detail.

Can You Wear Makeup After A Brow Lift?


The Recovery Phase

In examining the potential for wearing makeup after a brow lift, it’s important to consider the length of the recovery phase for the procedure. Most patients will be back to work and completing normal activities within one to two weeks of their procedure. The skin on the face tends to heal quite quickly, but still specialists recommend that brow lift patients wait at least a week before they begin using makeup on the surgical area. Not long at all.

The Day of the Procedure

In completing a brow lift, patients will want to know the steps that take place on the day of their procedure. This begins with their arrival at the hospital. They will be checked in and have their paperwork completed. They will also go through preoperative tests to ensure they are in optimal health to complete the procedure.

The patient will then speak with their specialist about the forthcoming procedure and any concerns they have on the day. Once all questions have been answered, they will finalize the preoperative process and begin the procedure. The brow lift is usually completed under general anesthesia and with the patient asleep for several hours.

In the hours after the procedure has been completed, the patient is then able to go home to continue their recovery and to begin their post-surgery life. In the days after the procedure, the patient may experience some bruising and skin sensitivity. This sensitivity will eventually decrease over the coming days. Within the week, most patients are able to begin normal activities and show their spectacular new look to those around them.

To discover more on the benefits of the brow lift procedure, or to have further questions on the process answered by a specialist, call our offices today!