A plump, shapely behind is definitely desirable these days and many people are considering what is commonly known as a brazilian butt lift to enhance their derriere! Because there’s such a high demand for brazilian butt lifts in recent years, it’s important to make sure you are having the procedure performed by a reputable, board certified, and experienced surgeon.

Important Questions Before A “Brazilian Butt Lift” Procedure

A brazilian butt lift uses existing fat from an area on your body and transfers it to your buttocks. This creates a firm, shapely, and perky behind. Because your own body fat is used during the procedure, this also results in a natural looking shape. Fat transferring can be a risky procedure, and the success of a brazilian butt lift is highly dependant on your surgeon’s technique. Here are some questions you should ask your doctor during your consultation, to make sure you know exactly what results you can expect.

  1. Are You Board-Certified?

    The first question you should ask your cosmetic surgeon is whether they are board certified or not. Being board certified means that they are part of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and that they have completed all the necessary training. Look for a surgeon who is certified as a Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. If you find out your surgeon is not certified, or part of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, you should certainly find one who is.

  2. How Often Do You Perform This Procedure?

    By asking this, not only can you ensure your surgeon is experienced when it comes to performing brazilian butt lift procedures, but you can ask about the results they have had. They should be able to provide you with before-and-after photos, and give you detailed descriptions of past procedures, and the results they got.

  3. How Is The Procedure Performed?

    Before you go in for a brazilian butt lift, you should know exactly how the procedure is performed. It’s your body, so it’s important to know every detail of what will be done. This is a great question to ask during your consultation, as your surgeon will be able to give you a detailed explanation of exactly what you can expect. If you are nervous or anxious, this is also a good way to feel calmer and more confident about the procedure. You should also find out information such as how long the surgery will take, instructions for care before and after the procedure, and what to expect during recovery.

If you have any questions about brazilian butt lifts, give our office a call today and schedule a consult with Dr. Kesarwani!