Why You Should Choose Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

In analyzing treatment options, Brazilian butt lift patients might have heard that a robust workout of their glutes can have the same impact as the Brazilian butt lift surgery. While working out can help to tone the muscles, the results from exercise and from surgery are very different. And within this latest post, we’ll explain the many differences you’ll discover between the workout process and surgery.

Exercise May Tone But Not Shape

One important distinction to make is in how exercise can impact the gluteal muscles. When a muscle has been exercised intensely, that muscle enlarges. This process tones the glutes and minimizes the appearance of fat in that area of the body. However, the process does not lead to a shapelier figure.

Only by choosing a Brazilian butt lift surgery, which involves the transfer of fat to the buttocks, can patients create that curvy appeal they require. The hourglass figure is created by combining fat transfer with liposuction to move fat within the body and create the ideal appearance for the individual.

Maintenance Can Be A Problem For Some

Another consideration when deciding between exercise and surgery is that any results a person might achieve through exercise must be maintained. They have to commit to dietary restrictions and to properly optimizing their exercise regimen over the years for their changing body. This might impact work schedules and, over time, the person may change their priorities to focus on more social activities, limiting the results of their exercise. The results achieved through the Brazilian butt lift surgery require limited maintenance, and ensure the patient can achieve their ideal shapely appeal for years to come. It’s just one of the many important advantages the surgical process holds over exercise options.

Shape Is A Leading Consideration

For the vast majority of Brazilian butt lift patients, shape is their leading surgical consideration. They want that hourglass figure that even the most challenging of exercise regimens cannot achieve. But it’s also important to recognize the importance of the individual. The right size for one patient might not be the right size for another. It’s why it’s so important to work with the surgeon before the surgery to learn more about the butt lift and its unique impact on the body.

Our team is here to guide you in achieving your ideal results from Brazilian butt lift surgery. To learn more on the surgery as well as your unique options, call us today.