Breastfeeding With Cohesive Gel Implants

One of the foremost considerations for those reviewing cohesive gel implants is the impact their implants might have on their ability to breastfeed. It’s important to get as much information as possible on gel implants before making the right personal decision for your ongoing health needs. And so to guide you in this process we’re addressing the subject of breastfeeding for patients with cohesive gel implants.

Can Implants Leak Into The Milk Supply?

A common misconception across the marketplace is that those with cohesive gel implants may find their implants leak into their ducts during pregnancy. This simply isn’t possible as cohesive gel implants are not made with free-moving material. Therefore the material cannot leak from the breast into the milk supply.

Does The Location Of The Implant Impact Breastfeeding?

Another important consideration in undergoing breast implant treatment is how the location of the implant might impact the feeding process. An incision under the crease of the breast as opposed to an incision at the nipple has been found to lead to a greater chance of successful breastfeeding for patients. Nipple incisions do carry the risk of potential damage to the milk ducts. The less pressure from the implant on the mammary gland, the better the results for the patient. It’s important to speak with the specialist about implant placement before undergoing any treatment.

Are There Other Risks Associated With Treatment?

There are some risks for future mothers in having breast implants placed before pregnancy. While the baby will not be directly impacted by the implant, it can make the pregnancy more complicated and other breastfeeding issues could arise. If you plan on having children, you might wish to wait until after your pregnancy to have your breast implant treatment. This will give you the best chances for a successful pregnancy and breastfeeding process, and can ensure you achieve your ideal aesthetic appeal post-pregnancy.

Work With A Specialist To Determine Your Ideal Surgical Strategy

As with any cosmetic procedure, the ideal strategy for success and for optimum health and safety depends on the individual and their body. Only by working with a recognized cosmetic specialist can you ensure you make the right choice for you and your future. Our trusted team can guide you and answer your questions as you decide your ideal treatment path. We have worked with thousands of women both pre and post-pregnancy to support them in their cosmetic treatment goals. Call us today to learn more on your unique breast implant options.