Consistent laser hair removal can result in flawless, smooth skin. Aftercare can play an important role in getting the results you want! During laser hair removal, a laser is aimed at the hair follicles to slow down or prevent future hair growth. This is a non-invasive procedure, and any discomfort can vary depending on your tolerance. With that being said, it will just feel like an elastic band snap so the pain isn’t something to worry about too much!

Skin Care After Laser Hair Removal

Before your laser hair removal, you should shave the area (unlike most hair-removal techniques, laser hair removal doesn’t require any hair to be visible). If there is hair remaining, it may be signaled by the laser so it is best to remove any traces pre-treatment. Do not, however, wax, pluck, or use hair removal cream as this will make the treatment less effective. Shave only! You should also avoid direct sunlight, or any artificial tanning procedures. Going into your appointment, make sure you’re not wearing any cosmetics, deodorant, or skin cream on the area and dress in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes.

It’s important to follow these tips, as well as any additional instructions from your laser technician, after your treatment, in order to get the results you’d like!

  • Do Not Pluck or Wax: If there are any remaining hairs in the treated area, resist removing them. This could actually stimulate regrowth. Leave them alone, and allow the treatment to do its work.
  • Avoid Hot Water: No hot showers or baths for at least 48 hours after treatment!
  • Exfoliate: Once all redness and sensitivity has subsided, exfoliate the treated area. Note that this could take up to two weeks.
  • Avoid Sunlight: Keep the treated area out of direct sunlight for at least two to four weeks following treatment.
  • Careful with Cosmetics: If you have had your underarms treated, you need to avoid deodorant for at least three days after treatment. For facial treatments, you may use mineral makeup after 48 hours, but any other cosmetics shouldn’t be used until the skin is fully healed.
  • No Scratching: Don’t itch the treated area, as this can result in scarring.
  • Avoid Exercise: Excessive exercise or sweating can cause irritation and should be avoided for 24-48 hours post-treatment.

These aftercare tips are all absolutely essential to giving you the results you want from your laser hair removal treatment! It’s important to be as gentle as possible with any area that has undergone the treatment. If you have any itching, redness, or discolouration, you can apply vitamin E to the area to encourage healing. If discomfort or any other issues persist, call your laser technician right away.