In considering their cosmetic treatment options, many Toronto patients are now reviewing the benefits of liposuction. The process of liposuction is designed to remove fat from the body in order to alter the body’s shape and to provide the patient with a more aesthetically-pleasing figure. One of the most common questions Toronto patients have regarding the treatment is “are liposuction results immediate?” In this post, we’ll answer this important question as well as several others on the subject of liposuction.

A Guide To Liposuction


Are Liposuction Results Immediate?

Generally, you won’t see the results of the liposuction procedure immediately. You may notice some changes in the days after the treatment but the swelling will take a few weeks to dissipate. Once the swelling has gone down, several weeks after your treatment has been completed, you’ll see the changes to the contours of your body.

Am I a Good Liposuction Candidate?

When reviewing treatment options, it’s a good idea to first consider whether you’re a good candidate for the liposuction treatment. The ideal liposuction patient is one that is in good health and is likely to be happy with the results achieved through the treatment process. If you have realistic expectations and your doctor is pleased with your general health, then you may be perfectly suited to liposuction.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing a Specialist?

Choosing a liposuction specialist is one of the most important elements in the treatment process. It’s critical that you’re comfortable with the person who is completing your treatment. Ask about the surgeon’s experience in the industry, and whether they specialize in liposuction. You might also ask if you can speak to their previous patients to get an idea about the treatment process.

How Long Is the Recovery Time?

Most patients find that they can return to their home within an hour of completing the procedure. If general anesthesia is used, the patient might require one to three hours of recovery time within the facility. Patients should plan for at least one week off from work to avoid aggravating the surgical site. Any work that involves bending or substantial movement can damage the area.

Will There Be Scarring After Liposuction?

The tools now used during the liposuction process help to limit the amount of scarring and keep the area looking at its peak aesthetic best for years to come. Your surgeon can help you make choices about your incision type and placement options.

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