A Guide To Liposuction

Liposuction is now an instrumental element in numerous cosmetic procedures. But many patients still lack a complete understanding on the liposuction process and how the process has developed over the years. To help provide comfort as well as more detail on the procedure ready for your upcoming treatment, our Toronto team is presenting a guide to liposuction in this latest post.

What Does The Liposuction Process Involve?

Liposuction involves the Toronto specialist making tiny incisions in the target area, often called keyholes. The specialist will prepare the fatty areas on the patient’s body with a local anesthetic such as tumescent fluid, they will then use a specially-designed suction device to suck the fat out of the target area through the keyholes. This helps the patient remove weight and keep the weight off their body over the long term.

Which Areas Can Be Targeted?

One of the great benefits of the liposuction treatment is that almost any area of the body can be targeted. This means that fat in the thighs can be targeted just as simply as fat placed within the stomach area. This gives specialists the autonomy to control the liposuction process and customize it for their patients. Patients can then decide to have multiple areas targeted at one time during their procedure, or simply stick to one area of stubborn fatty deposits.

Contraction Of The Skin Provides New Slim Shaping

Once the fat within the patient’s body has been removed through the liposuction process, their skin will then contract and adapt naturally to their new contours. This helps patients achieve the new slimmer appeal they’re searching for from the procedure. The healing process takes place over several weeks and is often monitored closely by the specialist to ensure all elements of the recovery are successful.

Further Weight Gain More Difficult

Liposuction is designed to make further weight gain more difficult. The process works to remove the fat cells from the system and prevent these cells from being reproduced in the future. Any weight the patient gains will now be linked with their post-surgery profile and to the fat cells that remain after the procedure has been completed. While some weight gain is natural, the patient won’t return to their pre-treatment weight.

Our expert team is here in Toronto to guide you in learning more on liposuction and its many benefits! To discover more on this important surgical process, speak with our team today!