Plastic surgeons have been looking into what makes the perfect nose, and they believe they've found it. Recently, a public study revealed that slightly upturned noses are the perfect nasal look for women between ages 19-25.

Celebrities With Perfect Noses

This angle has been declared as the most attractive and most desired thanks to its natural ability to enhance other feminine features of a woman's face.

Knowing this little characteristic is begs the question: which celebrity stars out there have the highly desired perfect nose?

  1. Charlize Theron
  2. Thanks to the little bit of volume at the tip or her nose, alongside her thin nostrils, Charlize has the perfect proverbial 'button' nose.

  3. Nicole Kidman
  4. With a straight bridge and slight turn up at the end, Nicole Kidman's nose was too perfect for her role in The Hours. In the film she wore a fake nose as she played Virigina Woolf.

  5. Anne Hathaway
  6. Don't be afraid of your prominent nose. While you may fear that it is drawing attention away from your other features, look towards Anne Hathaway. Her nose helps to balance out her large eyes and lips, giving her face amazing symmetry.

  7. Rihanna
  8. A rounded nose can give a woman a more youthful appearance, helping to soften any hard edges. Rihanna is a great example of how round can be beautiful.

  9. Ivanka Trump
  10. With a demure tip and little nostril flare, Ivanka's nose is the perfect example of a small nose suiting a small face. Its subtlety and lack of size makes it easy for people to take in every part of her face.

  11. Kate Beckinsale
  12. Sharing a trait with Scarlett Johansson, Kate's nose angles just so at 106 degrees. Not only is the angle ideal, but her nose is free of any bumps, blemishes, or irregularities. It's no wonder that many women wish to have their noses shaped like hers.

  13. Jennifer Aniston
  14. Slim along the sides and aligned with her bridge, Jennifer Aniston has a nose that flows seamlessly with the rest of her face.

  15. Emma Watson
  16. Emma's pert nose fits perfectly with her other features- especially her wide eyes- to bring in a well proportioned look.

  17. Natalie Portman
  18. Like a long ball gown flattering a perfect figure, and just as unique, Natalie Portman's nose is able to compliment her high cheekbones and give off an inviting look.

  19. Scarlett Johansson
  20. The female avenger was cited as one of the women with the most perfect noses. From her lip up to her nasal tip, her nose sits at the ideal 106 degrees. This, at least the researchers say, enhances the rest of her face to make her that much more attractive.

Some of these celebraties have their natural noses, but many have had surgical enhancements! For information on what you can do to achieve your ideal nose, contact Dr. Kesarwani today!