Injectable fillers are the new “big thing” in cosmetic enhancements, and are often called the future of facial enhancements for many reasons.

Those who have gotten injectable fillers in the past know the many benefits to these procedures, but those looking to try them for the first time can benefit from familiarizing themselves with the following benefits:

Injectable Filler

  1. Ultra-Low Risk Profile

    Injectable fillers all use either inert materials that the body ignores, or materials that occur naturally in the body. This means there is no chance of the body rejecting the filler or suffering an allergic reaction. There are no risks of toxicity or cell damage. In fact, the most common negative reaction is a small rash caused by sensitive skin that clears up after a week.

  2. Short Recovery Period

    With no incisions, injectable fillers barely stress the body. The recovery time is typically a few days. Compared to face lifts’ three weeks of recovery time, this is easy to fit into your life.

  3. Immediate Results

    With the exception of a few collagen-boosters, injectable fillers all show results within one week of the treatment.

  4. Unique Enhancements

    Injectable fillers can provide enhancements unavailable with any other treatment. Fillers can be used not only to add youth and reduce wrinkles, but also to fill in acne scars and improve facial contours.

  5. Low Cost

    Injectable fillers last longer than a few months,and cost only a fraction of cosmetic surgeries that provide similar results.

  6. Fast Process

    Because injectables are non-surgical and cannot cause allergic reactions, there are a lot fewer hoops to jump through to get it. You will not need to go in for a surgical consultation or an allergy test.

  7. Easily Reversible

    The most popular filler material, hyaluronic acid, can be easily reversed through an enzyme injection. This makes it a great choice if you are new to cosmetic enhancements and unsure about how they will affect your looks and self-image.

  8. No “All-Or-Nothing” Treatments

    Injectable fillers allow you to start small and add more. This is especially common with lip plumping injections. Patients start by adding a small amount of volume, and can slowly build up more volume depending on their wants.

  9. Does Not Require a Hospital Stay

    Injectables do not require general anesthetic or time in the hospital. You can be in and out in under an hour.

  10. No Permanent Scarring

    Unlike surgery, injectables do not cause any permanent damage to the skin.