Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a very common plastic surgery in North America. As a cosmetic procedure, it helps to enhance your look and self-esteem. You can change the shape of the bridge or tip of your nose, increase or reduce the size of your nose, narrow the nostril span, correct injuries and birth defects and it can help to relieve some breathing problems.


This surgery is a really commonly performed procedure, but there continue to be many myths out there that we would like to clear up.

Here are six of the top rhinoplasty myths:

  1. “I can tell if someone has had nose surgery performed” – I’m sure this might be true for some people but this isn’t always the case. The job of the surgeon is to give patients a natural looking nose that complements their other facial features.
  2. “My nose will bruise after surgery” – This is only true of certain patients. Depending on the person, some bruising may occur after surgery. Some people bruise more easily than others. Plus, the way your doctor performs the surgery and the delicacy of their style will also determine the extent of the bruising.
  3. “Any plastic surgeon is able to perform rhinoplasty surgery” – There is some truth to this, but it’s recommended to find a surgeon who is specifically trained in facial plastic surgery. You want to make sure that the plastic surgeon has done this before and is familiar with the techniques and has a specialized knowledge of the surgery.
  4. “You have to be vain to get rhinoplasty” – People judge what they don’t understand. A person’s decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is no one’s business but their own. For example, though appearance is a factor for many people who opt for this procedure, for others it’s about improving breathing problems.
  5. “OHIP covers plastic surgeries” – It is still considered a cosmetic procedure so it will be up to you to cover the costs. Speak with your plastic surgeon and health association to find out more.
  6. “I want my nose to look like my favourite celebrity” – You need to be realistic about what your nose will look like and what works with your face. Your doctor will provide you with the best nose for your ethnicity and general facial symmetry.

Book a consultation with our specialists to discuss your nose goals and to find out if you are an eligible candidate for nose surgery.