Choosing breast augmentation surgery is a big decision. For an athletic woman, there is more that needs to be taken into consideration. No matter what type of exercise you are into, an athletic woman needs to be assured that breast implants can be incorporated into her fitness journey and active lifestyle. As you contemplate breast augmentation, consider the following breast implant facts that every athlete should know:

Every Athlete Should Know About Breast Implants

Minimize the Use of Pectoral Muscles

Healing is an important part of the breast augmentation process. Therefore, it is crucial to limit the strain you put on your upper body and pectoral muscles during the first four to six weeks post-surgery. Heavy and repetitive lifting should also be avoided.

Use Those Sports Bras you Love

Sports bras provide the critical support that athletic women need post-operation. There is a risk that your ligaments can be unnecessarily stretched if your breast implants aren’t properly supported during physical activity.

Know Your Limitations

You know your own body the best. Take heed of its warnings and don’t push yourself too soon to resume the amount of activity that you performed pre-surgery. There is a risk of excessive swelling or bleeding if you push your limits before your body is ready.

Choose Your Doctor Wisely

It is important that you choose a surgeon that supports your athletic lifestyle and desire to exercise post-surgery. Make sure you talk with your doctor during your initial consultation about the importance of fitness. You should be on the same page with your doctor when it comes to your recovery and how you can incorporate exercise and fitness into that process.

Be Aware of Capsular Contracture

This is a situation where the area around the implant develops hardened scar tissue. While exercise has not been linked to this condition, it is important to discuss with your doctor.

Understand the Placement of Your Implant

There is a difference in recovery time for athletic women depending on whether their implant is placed under or above their pectoral muscle. Studies have shown that athletic women who have their implant placed above their muscle are likely to get back to normal exercise routine before those who have their implant placed under the muscle.

As an athletic woman who is considering breast implants, it is important to look at all the facts before you make a decision. Your best resource is to have a consultation with a doctor or surgeon so you may address all of your questions and concerns to a professional. Be sure to advise them of the importance of exercise and fitness to you during this initial consultation.