More women than ever are using breast implants to achieve fuller and more balanced breasts. The techniques used and the results that can be achieved continue to advance, making it one of the most popular cosmetic procedures to date!

Breast Implant Myths Busted

However, like any popular procedure, there are a number of myths regarding breast implants. Misconceptions regarding the results they provide and the healing process are just two of the many that need to be cleared up.

Here are five breast implant myths to bust so you can have the information you need to get great results from your breast implant procedure:

Myth: Breast Implants Leave Unsightly Scars

There are a few ways that implants can be inserted. In general, the procedure requires that a small incision be made. However, it can be done at various discreet sites, depending on a number of factors.

Your doctor can create an incision around the nipple or underneath the breast. Some procedures are also performed through the underarm area. The crease under the breast line will hide incisions under the breast, and the one in your armpit is hidden when arms are in resting position.

Myth: You Can’t Breastfeed After Getting Implants

New mothers with breast implants can safely breastfeed their babies. As long as the ducts around the nipples are kept intact, there will be no issue in producing milk.

In addition, many believe the myth that breastfeeding with implants will expose your child to silicone, but there is absolutely no research showing that any such risk exists.

Myth: Breast Implants Aren’t Safe

Silicone implants are proven to be safe and pose no health risks to women. Because silicone is biocompatible to the human body, it’s been safely used for implant procedures for some time.

Research studies around the world have confirmed the safety of silicone implants. The Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia also regulates the use of silicone-filled breast implants to ensure safety.

Myth: The Breast Implant and Cancer Link

The concern over the risk of breast cancer is shared by all women. Breast implants have incorrectly been linked to cancer concerns and created a lot of confusion.

Some believe that having implants increases the risk for breast cancer. This hasn’t been shown to be true by any research studies.

Implants also do not affect your ability to perform a self-examination of your breasts for signs of lumps. If you undergo a mammogram, just be sure to let your doctor know that you have had a breast augmentation before undergoing the exam to prevent damage being done to the implant.

Myth: Breast Implants are Hard to Maintain

One of the biggest myths surrounding breast implants implies that you will need to repeat the procedure multiple times to maintain your results.

Having the procedure performed by a skilled doctor will ensure that you get the best results the first time around and, unless your implant has been damaged, you won’t have to repeat the procedure in the future.

These five myths about breast implants create confusion and fear among women. Knowing the facts and doing your research will give you confidence to move forward towards your cosmetic goals!