The negative effects of smoking have been much publicized, so you’ve no doubt heard about the potential risks of coming down with all sorts of cancers amongst other possible diseases if you light up.

Breast Reduction

If you’re planning to get breast reduction surgery, however, there are even more risks that you should be aware of. Specifically, smoking immediately before or after getting breast reduction surgery can open you up to issues that can derail the healing process.

Any licensed plastic surgeon will warn you about the dangers of smoking cigarettes in the weeks leading up to and following surgery, so you would be wise to heed such instructions.

What follows are some things you need to know about breast reduction and smoking. Ultimately, what you’ll find is that the risks associated with ignoring the advice are simply not worth taking.


One of the reasons you should steer clear of lighting up before or after breast reduction surgery is that doing otherwise can complicate the healing process. The reason for this is quite simple. The nicotine contained in cigarettes impedes blood flow to the body's tissues. In addition to this, the breast reduction surgery will have an adverse impact upon blood flow to the portions of the skin bordering the incisions. The combined effect of the impact of the cigarettes and the stress of the surgery is such that you could suffer negative consequences such as skin loss, and potentially even nipple loss post-surgery. If you smoke, you really do need to avoid doing so leading up to the surgery, and avoid its use for however many weeks your plastic surgeon recommends. Decreased blood flow to the incisions may also result in a poorer final scar.

Infection Fighting

Again, you need to stop smoking not only about six weeks leading up to your breast reduction surgery, but also a few weeks after the procedure has been performed. Failing to do that will see the nicotine you take in keep blood from getting to the tissues and limits the effectiveness of antibiotics needed to safeguard against infection.


Using tobacco can irritate your lungs' lining, which can trigger bouts of coughing that can lead to internal bleeding post-surgery. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to steer clear of cigarettes for as long as your plastic surgeon advises.

Breast reduction surgery and cigarettes definitely don’t mix. When you go in for pre-surgery consultations, your plastic surgeon will give you precise guidelines so that you can heal and get on with your regular routine.

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