If you're looking to get some plastic surgery done to improve your appearance and to bolster your confidence level, there are various options. Therein lies a conundrum – there's so much to choose from.

Belt Lipectomy And Extended Tummy Tuck

You can, however, get some clarity as to your choices by speaking to one or more plastic surgeons who can give you a feel for what surgical procedures would work best in your given situation.

One of the things you'll want to find out about is how a belt lipectomy surgical procedure differs from an extended tummy tuck surgical procedure. Both are effective and safe options, but one may be more appropriate than the other for you, and your plastic surgeon can help.

Knowledge is, as they say, power. So read on to find out the differences between a belt lipectomy and an extended tummy tuck. Knowing the differences will help you to decide which, if either of them, is right for you.

Extent of Incision

A plastic surgeon who performs a belt lipectomy will accomplish the procedure by making a 360 degree incision around your waist in order to reshape your thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Meanwhile, a plastic surgeon who performs an extended tummy tuck will make an incision on only on your front side. Because there is no standard terminology for some procedures, you should ensure that you know exactly what you're getting whether you opt for a belt lipectomy or an extended tummy tuck.

Weight and Skin

Another way to differentiate between a belt lipectomy and an extended tummy tuck is to look at the circumstances under which each is usually used. A plastic surgeon will likely recommend a belt lipectomy procedure if you happen to have lost a massive amount of weight. He will make a 360 degree incision around your torso in order to take out excess skin. For an extended tummy tuck, however, the plastic surgeon will remove your excess skin from both the abdomen and the flanks. Tightening the underlying lax muscles is key in both of these procedures.

Again, sitting down for a talk with a plastic surgeon will help you determine whether a belt lipectomy, an extended tummy tuck, or some other surgical procedure is the right option for you.

Advances in plastic surgery mean that you will be able to count on a safe procedure with relatively little post-surgery downtime. Dr. Kesarwani does excellent body contouring surgeries and is a pioneer in operating on patients who have had massive weight loss. He will be able to give you the ins and outs of what to expect.