Women have been enhancing their appearance with cheek implants for years. It’s an effective procedure that lifts the face and create a slimmer appearance, but cheek implants aren’t just for women. More men are choosing the procedure to improve their own appearance and address some common signs of aging.

Cheek Implants For Men

If you’re a man who’s considering cheek implants, you may be wondering what kind of results you’ll get. Do cheek implants look natural on men? How long do their benefits last?

What Are Cheek Implants?

Cheek implants were originally used in cases involving trauma or developmental defects. Over time, they have been used for aesthetic reasons to improve the proportions and symmetry of the face.

People who have less prominent cheekbones often have cheeks that are asymmetrical to other features such as the eyes and nose.By augmenting the cheek bones, you achieve a more structured and chiseled appearance. This creates the stronger look that most men are looking for. 

Men and Cheek Implants

The results you achieve with cheek implants are immediately noticeable, but you need to be aware that any change in a facial feature can seem more prominent than it actually is at first.

For men who undergo cheek implants, the results look and feel natural over time. Knowing what results to expect helps men feel more comfortable when undergoing a cheek implant procedure. 

Implants are customizable, which means that you and your doctor can determine the best options for the results you’re looking for. This makes it a procedure that can be applied to any patient with outstanding results. 

Men and women differ in the bony structures of the face, so it’s important to work with a doctor who understands the subtle differences and unique needs of men.

What to Discuss With Your Doctor

You and your doctor can determine a realistic goal for your cheek implant procedure. Most men are looking for stronger cheekbones that don’t overpower their other facial features. Male models are known for their prominent cheekbones, which create a more chiseled look. This is a common goal for men, and your doctor will help you determine what results will work best for your face.

The implants used for your procedure will be determined by your doctor after a thorough evaluation. Provide as much information as possible during your consultation so that you get the best results. 

Cheek implants look very natural on men while providing great results that last a lifetime! Understanding the procedure and choosing the options that best suit your needs will lead to a successful procedure that you’ll be happy with.