For years, doctors have been using Botox to help people smooth out wrinkles and correct other facial imperfections.

Botox Injection


Botox works by blocking the signals your nerves send to the muscles. That means the injected muscle is incapable of contracting, which leads to the relaxation and softening of the muscles, which decreases the depth of the lines that are over those muscles. This procedure is safe and most people prefer it as a way to treat forehead lines and lines around the eyes (crow’s feat). Frown lines can also be treated with Botox, along with lip lines, the corners of the mouth and even on the neck.

Botox only takes a few minutes and is done without anesthesia. Most people report that they feel only minor discomfort that quickly fades once the procedure is complete.

If you’ve ever wondered how your favourite movie or TV star always has such a youthful glow, Botox is how that fresh-faced look is achieved. Both male and female celebrities have been using Botox for years. The injections last about four months and it is a noninvasive procedure.

Here are five examples of successful Botox:

  • Nicole Kidman

    The actress’ face has no cracks or wrinkles even though she is a 47-year-old mother of four. The only time Kidman’s age has showed in the past few years is when she took a Botox break during her pregnancies with husband Keith Urban.

  • Jennifer Anniston

    Although Anniston credits her fit physique to exercise and diet, her face is another story. That gorgeous Anniston-glow is due to Botox injections. At 46-years-old, this former TV star looks even better than she did when Friends first aired.

  • Courtney Cox

    Speaking of Friends, Anniston’s sitcom co-star, Courtney Cox is turning 51 soon but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her face. Cox’s skin is so smooth that she doesn't look at day over 35.

  • Angelina Jolie

    Humanitarian, director, mother and Botox user are all on Jolie’s resume. This mother of six, keeps her skin looking radiant and dewy with Botox. Jolie turns 40 this year and has never looked better.

  • Hillary Clinton

    This one may surprise you but when you think about the tolls politics can have on the body, especially the face, Botox seems like the obvious choice for this 67-year-old presidential hopeful and grandmother. Clinton’s Botox-edface, although it’s not as smooth as the other women’s on this list, makes her look younger and ready to take on the tasks of running one of the most important country’s in the world.