1. Keep your Options Open

The two main decisions you need to make are size and material. We’ll talk about size in a bit, but first let’s focus on the materials. The three options for materials are:

  • Saline: used to make contoured and firm-feeling breasts
  • Silicone Gel: used to make round and natural-feeling breasts
  • Highly cohesive Silicone Gel: used to make teardrop-shaped and springy-feeling breasts

Breast Implant

Reading these bullet points, you probably already know what you want. Nonetheless, you should discuss all the options with your surgeon. You might be surprised how versatile these materials can be in creating the effect you want.

2. Don’t Focus on the Size Number

Some people assume that bigger is better when it comes to implants. It’s not. Appropriate is better. Do you know the size, in cc’s, of any famous celebrity’s breasts? No-one does: all anyone knows is that her chest looks fantastic! Instead of focusing on getting bigger implants try to focus on getting ones that will work with your body to make you a knockout.

3. Consider your Activity Level

There’s a reason why Victoria Secret’s push-up sports bra was such a flop: no one needs their boobs to bounce even more when they’re out for a jog. Runners, yogis, and sportswomen do get (and enjoy!) augmentations way more often than you’d think. However, they tend to be more conservative when picking a size. Swimmers and dancers, on the other hand, are usually less limited. Consult with your plastic surgeon about your activity level to determine the best approach.

4. Work Towards Symmetry

The same implant might not work for both breasts. Your surgeon should be able to advise you about how to correct for natural asymmetry.

5. Try it out!

Cosmetic surgeons have bras that simulate the effects of implants or you can fit an implant sizer into your bra. Try them out and see how it works for you! Bring a low-cut shirt and a good friend or partner, and try out as many as you can. Part of finding out what does work is finding out what doesn’t.

6. Show your Surgeon what you want.

There are thousands and thousands of “before and after” photos on the Internet. Chances are good one will resemble the procedure that you want done. Bring in these photos to better discuss appropriate sizes and materials with your surgeon.

7. Choose What You Like, Not What You Think Someone Else Likes

Our bodies are the three-dimensional expressions of our personalities. You are getting breast augmentation because you want your body to look different, not because society does. If you spend time worrying about whether implants are too big or small for other people, you’ll make yourself stressed. Instead, trust yourself to know what size will look good with your body.