After major weight loss, either from surgery or exercise and dieting, an excess of redundant skin can be expected around your body. This will likely lead you to consider a tummy tuck, to help tighten up those muscles and skin on your new frame. Instead, he will advise a belt lipectomy. While the two surgeries accomplish very similar goals, they are different in many ways.

Belt Lipectomy VS Tummy Tuck

Area of Focus

A tummy tuck is a procedure that focuses on the loose abdominal tissue that sits around the front and sides of your body. A belt lipectomy, or body lift, does the same job, but covers the entire circumference of your torso. This means any loose skin around the hips, lower back, and buttocks will also be taken care of. Both procedures will deal with tightening of the underlying muscles.

When to Consider a Belt Lipectomy

The decision to have a body lift or a tummy tuck depends upon what your body looks like after you’ve lost your weight. If the amount of weight lost is below one hundred pounds and your excess skin is in the front of your body, around your stomach and abs, then a tummy tuck is right for you.

A belt lipectomy is for people whose bodies have undergone a much larger weight change. This includes people that have lost over a hundred pounds, whose weight was focused around their lower body.

Expected Results

After getting a tummy tuck, the skin around your stomach will become much flatter and tighter. The belt lipectomy will do the same, but tighten the skin all over the lower back and torso and pull up your buttocks and outer thighs.. This means that your body will now have a fully toned look from every angle, not just the front.


The amount of time it takes to recover from any surgery depends on the person, as well as the intensity of the operation. A belt lipectomy will require at least two weeks of rest before you are able to return to normal activities. Even then, you should avoid doing any kind of heavy lifting or strenuous exercises for several months.

Special undergarments and bandages will be placed on your body to minimize movement and provide support as you heal.


The incision made for a tummy tuck goes from hip bone to hip bone on the front of your body across your abdomen. For a body lift, the incision goes completely around the lower torso in a circle. Understandably, the healing process for a tummy tuck will be slightly easier.

If you have access skin around your abdomen and are wondering which operation would suit you best, talk to Dr. Kesarwani today!