As temperatures warm, many are thrilled at the thought of wearing shorts again. But shorts-weather can also be a source of concern for those who have inner thighs that are loose and jiggly.


Thigh Jiggle

Thigh jiggle occurs when your adductors, which are your inner thigh muscles, loss muscle definition. The result is that they will begin to rub together – something that can not only leave you self-conscious, but can also lead to rashes and blistering.

The best, and most effective, solution for thigh jiggle is through a thigh lift.

Thigh lights will remove excess skin – something that cannot be altered through exercise – and will minimize fat in the area. This procedure will help repair weak muscles, can eliminate stretch marks in the area by removing the affected skin, and will remove the fatty deposits between the legs.

If you’re interested in a thigh lift and want to know how to prevent it from happening again after your surgery, there are a few things you can do. First and foremost is avoiding extreme weight gain.

Thigh jiggle can also be prevented through a simple exercise called the inner thigh squeeze, which takes only a few moments of your time and an exercise ball (which can be a tennis, soccer or even beach ball).

  • While lying on a rug or mat, and with your arms at your sides, use your abs and lift your legs to a comfortable angle – if your body is OK with 90 degrees, then aim for that. While relaxing your body, feel the small area of your back pressed into the mat. Without arching, let your head and shoulders rest and listen to your breathe for several seconds.
  • Place your exercise ball between your knees, and grip strongly. With your feet flexed, toes pointed toward your head, make sure your head and shoulders are relaxed without tension. Then, tighten your front thigh muscles (your quads) and breathe through the back of your hamstrings.
  • While focusing on your inner thighs, squeeze them together on the exercise ball. This triggers your muscles. With the ball providing resistance, count for three to five seconds and, if comfortable, do another three to five seconds and release slowly. While squeezing, make sure your hips are on the mat and that you’re not holding your breath. Try to exhale as you test your quad muscles, as this will maximize the exercise.
  • Do this for up to 12 squeezes per set. Up to three sets per exercise session is ideal. Between sets, rest your legs, but keep the break time under one minute. If your body is up for it, do these exercises every two days, and enjoy the results!