Cosmetic surgery has become very popular in a variety of countries around the world. Culturally, many will find it acceptable as well. Looking at the numbers behind cosmetic procedures, popular ones include excess fat and skin reduction. When it comes to adding to women’s curves, breast augmentation stands out among the top cosmetic surgeries chosen by women.

Breast Implants

As proof that breast implant surgery is more than just a fad, the procedure has been around for more than 50 years. Breast implants have been available since the 1960s. At this time, silicone gel and saline the options on the market. Due to changes in regulation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to concerns about the safety of silicone, which turned out to be unfounded. In 2006, they reinstated the safety of silicone implants, which is the general preference for women who opt for the surgery. In Canada, Health Canada has allowed the use of silicone implants since 2001 and in the rest of the world they have essentially always been avaialble. The general texture, shape and longevity of silicone gel implants was found to be better than saline implants.

Although Americans are leading the way in numbers, having larger breasts is a sentiment that women across the world can relate to. Although larger doesn’t necessarily mean better, many women have made it a lifestyle choice. The decision is supported by the medical community, as the procedure has been shown to be safe, and the recovery period is very manageable. Women across the world associate larger measurements as sensual, feminine, and sexy.

There has been a recent increase in the popularity of implants. In 1997, 101,176 surgeries were performed in the United States. By 2011, the number had increased to 316,848 that year. In a world where we are encouraged to go for our goals, achieving our personal physical ideals falls under the umbrella. Interestingly, there are many side benefits to breast augmentation. Greater levels of self confidence is a common one. Most women choose to have breast implants so that they look better in clothing and are able to wear the fashions they want to wear. Researchers have completed studies showing that greater sexual satisfaction is a bonus, which is often left out of conversations on implants.

Regulations across the world ensure the safety of implants by manufacturers. Cosmetic surgery requires many years of training and certification. It’s reassuring to know that for women who choose the operation, the minor investment is one that will last and benefit their lives on a long term basis.