The hourglass figure has long been a symbol of beauty, glamour, and allure. Unfortunately for some, not everyone is born with this coveted physique, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve it if you don’t have it!

Hourglass Body Shape Tips

If you already have an hourglass figure, you can further enhance your features with simple exercises, but if you don’t, there are certain cosmetic procedures available to help you get a more womanly shape.

Defining the Hourglass

The hourglass body shape can be defined according the measurement of the waist relative to the hips and upper body. If your upper and lower body measurements are wider than your waist by ten inches, then you have the hourglass body shape.

Building onto your Existing Hourglass Body

If your waist is already heading towards your desired figure, there are a few exercises that can be done on a weekly basis to help you reach your target results faster.

Use resistance exercise to strengthen, firm, and shape your butt and thighs. Shoulders and arms that are well developed will also enhance an hourglass figure. In addition, choosing exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups, and dips can help build your lower body while burning fat in your abdomen, helping create curves below your waistline.

Creating your Desired Body from Scratch

While some people develop curves naturally through puberty, others are left with slender and shapeless bodies. However even for those individuals, hourglass bodies can still be achieved!

It’s important to remember the three main areas that contribute to the figure: The chest, the waist and the buttocks. You want them to be large, small, large, respectively, which means you can get the perfect shape in as little as three procedures: Breast augmentation, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift.

While breast augmentation is the most obvious for enhancing your chest, it’s not the only option. For those who already have breasts on the larger side but have found them less full after giving birth, a simple breast lift can give you a bigger appearance to your upper body.

For your abdomen, while a tummy tuck is an option, liposuction is a less invasive option that allows you to target fat pockets around your lower belly area, as well as your love handles.

Then there’s the main attraction of hourglass figures: The backside. While celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have become famous for their hourglass physiques, they’re far from the only people to grace Hollywood with the perfect behind, and a lot of those noted for their infamous butts often have their cosmetic surgeon to thank.

A Brazilian butt lift allows you to get the same effects as dedicated years of squats, but without all the sweat and effort. They’re the perfect way to complete the desired hourglass look!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your shape or redefine it entirely, talk to the experts at Cosmedical today to see what options are available to you.