Hand Rejuvenation TreatmentWhen it comes to the business of aging, the effects aren’t limited to your face, breasts and mid-section. In fact, there’s another part of your body that may be exposed to the effects of aging more than any of the others, and that is your hands.

When you think about it, your hands are exposed to the sun, the cold, dryness, moisture, pressure, friction and everything else you encounter in life. Your job, your hobbies, where you live, your genes and time can all accelerate the aging process for your hands and give you some of the telltale signs.

Signs of Hand Aging

Just like with your face, youthful hands are smooth and clear and full-looking. Some of the signs of aging in the hands include:

  • Darkened spots or “liver spots."
  • Lines and wrinkling that weren’t there before.
  • Loss of fatty tissue resulting in bony-looking hands with the veins looking more prominent.

It’s easy to just tell someone that as long as they still work properly, fussing over a few spots or ridges is silly, but that’s not always the reality. Just like with other parts of the body, some people get quite upset when their hands start to betray their age. You can become self-conscious about your hands just as easily as your eyes, lips, cheeks, upper thighs or stomach. Those feelings of self-consciousness and the availability of effective treatments are a big part of the reason why more and more people are opting to do something about their aging hands.

Common Hand Treatments

Not every cosmetic hand rejuvenation treatment is right for every person or every issue, and that’s why an initial consultation with the surgeon is so important. It is here that a strategy is outlined and one of the current hand treatments is chosen. Some of the more common are as follows:

Microdermabrasion – just like with the face, this treatment involves “sanding” the first layer of skin of your hands using very fine crystals. Any surface marks or blemishes are polished away and a smooth-looking surface is left behind.

Chemical Peel – a chemical peel for your hands is also the same as it would be for your face. The solution is applied and the tissue flakes away, along with age spots and other imperfections.

Injectable Fillers – when you get fillers injected into your hands, they will add volume so your hands plump up and lose that bony, aged appearance.

Intense Pulse Light Treatment

Intense pulse light therapy, known as IPL, is a relatively new kind of treatment for hand rejuvenation that has garnered some favorable results. This treatment is also known as Photo Rejuvenation Limelight, and it uses high intensity bursts of light to effectively eliminate skin discoloration associated with aging.

IPL is preferred by many patients because there is basically no downtime and the level of discomfort is negligible. Intense pulse light treatment helps smooth out the texture of the skin and even the tone to make it seem as though your hands went back in time to before those effects of aging made themselves known.

Whether the condition is liver spots, wrinkles or creases, broken blood vessels or dilated blood vessels, once the light reaches its target it converts to heat energy which in turn eliminates the problem. It often takes several treatments to get the job done, but the results are impressive. You’ll get a better sense of how many treatments are necessary during your consultation.

Fat Transfer to the Hands

Dr. Kesarwani has pioneered the transfer of fat to the hands to make hands look younger. Your own fat is suctioned away from another part of your body, processed and meticulously injected under the skin of the hands. This plumps up the hands, makes bony knuckles less obvious and hides prominent and twisted veins. The transferred fat also improves the quality of the skin. More and more when we are doing liposuction , rather than throwing away the suctioned fat we are finding uses for it and are recycling it to other parts of the body!

Important Questions to Ask

Like with any medical procedure, it’s a good idea to ask some pointed questions during your consultation for hand rejuvenation treatment. Some questions you’d do well to have the answers to before any treatment is performed include:

  • What specific treatment is best for my hands?
  • How many sessions will it take?
  • Are my desired results realistic?
  • How long will recovery take, and what’s involved?
  • How many of these procedures have you performed?
  • Can I see some before and after pictures?
  • Are complications common with this procedure?

There are likely more questions you’ll think of as you go through the process, and by all means ask every one of them. Cosmetic hand rejuvenation is far from a major procedure, but you still want the correct treatment and results that will make you proud to show your hands to everyone you meet.

Choose an office with a solid reputation and a proven track record and you won’t be disappointed!