Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation has come a long way since the early days of implants and there are many different types of treatment available. One of the major complaints against traditional breast implants is that they do not look or feel as natural as a patient might hope. Luckily, technology is constantly improving.

Brava Fat Grafting is a breast augmentation system which uses transplanted fat tissue enlarge and contour a patient’s breasts. Fat is removed from the patient via liposuction, purified, and injected into the target areas. Because only natural materials from the patient’s own body are used, there is no risk of rejection or allergic reaction and results look and feel natural.

The Brava system was introduced in 2001 and been used with great success by over 30 000 women. Clinically proven, this system grows a women’s natural breasts without need for pills, creams, or surgery and allows patients to retain normal sensation in their breasts and nipples. While other fat grafting techniques exist, the Brava system allows more fat to be transplanted at one time and allows for larger augmentations in a single session.

The process involves using a series of domes and vacuum pressure to loosen the tissue of the breast and expand the space beneath the skin. After a period of several weeks of regular use (up to 10 hours a day), fat can be injected to passively fill this expanded space. Because the process is less, invasive, recovery times are also shorter than traditional implant surgeries.

This process is ideal for a variety of patients and can be used with great success on women who have undergone single or double mastectomies. Other uses include correction of breast symmetry or deformities, improvement of soft tissue coverage after implantation; and general aesthetic improvement of the bust. Good candidates for this type of breast augmentation include:

  Women who want larger, fuller breasts without surgery;

  Healthy patients over the age of 18;

  Those with a current breast size smaller than a C cup;

  Mothers experiencing breastfeeding related changes such as loss of firmness; and

  Those who are dedicated to the procedure.

The final criteria is a crucial one as Brava Fat Grafting requires a serious commitment from the patient in order to yield results. The domes must be worn every day for the required amount of time or breast tissue will not be ready for the fat injections.

Because of the required time commitment, it may not be the best solution for all patients but many say the results are worth it. Brava is also not recommended for certain patients including:

  Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have breastfed within the last 3 to 6 months;

  Patients with breasts larger than a C cup;

  Patients with a history of breast surgery or with significant scarring;

  Patients with a history of chronic dermatitis on chest area;

  Patients with a sensitivity to silicone products; and

  Patients who have had irregular mammogram results within the past year.

As the injected material is fat from the patient’s own body, some natural reabsorption will occur. Results typically last between 18 and 24 months.