We have a lot of people coming into our office looking to fix their problematic skin. Procedures like Chemical Peels can give you a healthy, rejuvenated glow, but great skincare doesn’t start with fixing errors- It starts with prevention!


Important Skin Facts


Getting clearer skin doesn’t always take special skin-care products. In fact, there are some simple tips that can help keep your skin looking clear and beautiful!

  • Diet’s impact on your skin
  • What we eat affects how our skin looks. For those who deal with acne, studies have found a link between acne and consumption of milk and skim milk. Hormones in dairy products can influence hormones in our body that result in the production of oil in our skin – and this can cause outbreaks.

  • Check your skin-care products
  • Some cosmetic products may be advertised as anti-acne and non-comedogenic (pimple-fighting). But they may not actually have the ingredients needed to fight acne! Double-check the ingredients on the products you buy, before you buy them.

  • Use ice to reduce unwanted pimples
  • One of the biggest facial blemishes for many people are inflamed zits. But not many know that these unwanted facial blights can be reduced by rubbing an ice cube over your face after a facial cleansing.

  • Liquid makeup: A secret pimple-causer
  • Liquid makeup may be popular, but it can also lead to pimples. This is because liquid makeups are usually made from oils that will fill in pores on your face. As an alternative, use non-comedogenic makeups, which sit on your skin, and wash your makeup brushes weekly.

  • Fitness products can contain acne-making ingredients
  • Many people are complementing their usual foods with special supplements and products made to enhance fitness. However, these products can contain ingredients that create acne. Whey protein, for example, contains dairy, which can cause outbreaks; while protein powders using soy can also lead to unwanted blemishes.

  • Sugar and acne
  • We all love the sweet stuff – sugar – but it can have a cost!

    Recent studies have discovered that diets high in sugars can make acne worse. They’ve also found that diets low in sweets (a low-glycemic diet) has been found to lead to a decrease in outbreaks. So watch your sugar consumption to keep your face clear and beautiful.

  • Iodide and acne
  • Another lesser-known acne trigger is iodide, which is present in healthy foods like kelp and dried seaweed, but when consumed in excess is excreted through your oil glands. These foods contain massive levels of iodide per ounce, and can cause your pores to be irritated, causing breakouts.