A fat injection (or fat transfer) adds natural volume to your face, buttocks, or breasts. Unlike fillers or implants, this fat is readily accepted by the body and has no risk of being punctured, damaged, rejected, or of causing an allergic reaction, as it’s made of materials your own body has produced.

Fat Injection FAQ

Fat injections using donor tissue cannot be performed. Because the new fat must be accepted by the body’s immune system, it has to come from you. The good news is that this means a fat injection can be combined with liposuction: a lot of fat will be removed, and some of the removed fat will be used for the injection in the desired area.

Where on my Body does the Fat Come From?

The most common location to take donor fat is from the outer thighs. This is the least invasive location for lipo. If you want, fat can also be removed from the buttocks on the tummy, but this will have a more intense recovery process.

If you want a major body reshaping in addition to the injection, you should use stomach or buttock fat, but if you’re only looking for fat injections, thigh fat is easier to do.

Benefits of Fat Injections

The first benefit of fat injections is that it looks, and will continue to look, completely natural. Your body will accept the fat and work it into the overall tissue.

Also, although liposuction is a completely safe procedure, fat injections in general are safer and more effective than liposuction by itself.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Fat injections may remove much less fat than typical liposuctions.
  2. Fat injections replace lost fat in the body. This is important because, on some level, the body wants to keep fat on. The body has arrived at what it thinks is the appropriate body fat content for your lifestyle, and will fight attempts to change.

With liposuction by itself, doctors recommend you also change your lifestyle to prevent the fat from building up elsewhere. Although lifestyle changes are a good idea with fat injections as well, it is less likely that your body will put on fat elsewhere if it fat has already been injected.

If you are considering a breast, butt, or face lift, or are considering liposuction, talk to a specialist about the possibility of a fat injection. By combining fat removal with fat addition, you get better results from both procedures. Instead of throwing away the fat that is being removed in liposuction you can reuse it! Contact our office today to find out how you can benefit from fat injections.