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Medical Cosmeceuticals – Biophora and Environ

Dr. Kesarwani has researched and decided to only offer two lines of medical cosmeceuticals to his patients- Biophora and Environ. These are home skin care products designed to protect and reverse signs of aging.

Our medical aestheticians along with Dr. Kesarwani can evaluate your skin, and recommend a program of skin care, often combined with medical aesthetic procedures that will be most effective for you.

The Biophora system is a safe, effective quality product that is easy to use, not time consuming and a good value. It contains alph hydroxyl acids, vitamins and peptides, is able to treat fine lines, signs of aging, adult acne and some pigment problems.

Environ is a line from South Africa, where vitamins, especially vitamin A is actually deliverd into the skin to reverse signs of aging, improve hyperpigmtion and sun damage.

These treatments are medically supervised.

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