Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, is a procedure wherein cartilage from one area of the body is removed in order to reshape, resize or repair the ear. It is one of the most common surgical procedures people have done on their ears, designed to improve both function and appearance. The are myths surrounding this procedure which seem to persist, but many of them are unfounded. Below are six of the most common otoplasty myths.

Otoplasty Myths


Ear deformities affect both ears. While this is not entirely a myth, as ear deformities can affect both ears, it is generally not the case. In most cases of ear deformities, only one ear is affected.

Ear pinning can be done in one stage. Unlike a wide variety of other cosmetic procedures which can be done and over with in a single session, ear reconstruction takes more time and is often completed over the course of four stages and two procedures.

Ear-pinning surgery is only used to correct congenital deformities. This is simply not the case. Many patients have sustained injuries that require that they have otoplasty surgery as a matter of mending and saving the ear. This often includes patients who have been involved in car accidents or animal attacks and have experienced serious trauma to the ear.

Ear-pinning surgery can only be done for adult patients. Ear-pinning is actually more effective when performed on children than adults because bones and cartilage are easier to shape and more pliable during childhood. However, most surgeons would not suggest the surgery for those under six years of age.

Some ears are incapable of being fixed with surgery. Any ear impairment or deformity can be fixed when it is caught early in life.

Ear reconstruction surgery is only capable of pinning back the ears. Pinning back the ears is only one of the benefits of ear reconstruction surgery. Ear reconstruction can also be performed for patients who wish to have their ears reshaped. People that feel they have ears that are either overly round or pointy may opt for ear reconstruction surgery.

There is a lot of hot air surrounding otoplasty surgery, and misinformation abounds. If you are considering the procedure but are nervous about some of the rumours you may have heard, read over some of the above debunked myths and put your mind at ease.