As we age, the damage caused by the sun can reflect on our skin. Our hands are often one of the first areas of skin on our body to show aging. And so it’s important to carefully consider ways to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your hands over time. Within this latest post, our experts highlight five tips for preventing age spots on your hands.

Age Spot Prevention Guidance


1. Use Sunscreen Throughout The Year

It’s not just in summertime that your hands are subject to ultraviolet light that can damage the skin. This issue can occur during winter time as well. In order to protect your hands, it’s important that you use sunscreen throughout the year for the very highest levels of protection.

2. Cover Up As Much As Possible

When outside, try to wear gloves as much as possible. This can help to keep all areas of the hands protected against the harsh sunlight. You might also consider using an umbrella during the times of peak sunlight to help further minimize the potential for age spots on your skin.

3. Commit To Healthy Living

Eating a large daily dose of fruits and vegetables has been shown in medical studies to have many benefits for your skin. The data shows that vitamins in fruit and vegetables can help keep skin supple and ensure the skin retains its natural elasticity over time.

4. Choose Expert Treatment

It’s inevitable that you will begin to notice some form of aging on your skin as you grow older. But the most important element in achieving the ideal skin appeal is how you respond to the aging process. Some choose unproven remedies that simply don’t have any value. It’s important to work with a recognized specialist in addressing any signs of age spots. Skin resurfacing and chemical peels are two of the leading and most effective treatment options.

5. Start Your Skin Rejuvenation Program Now

In order to mitigate the worst effects of the aging process, it’s important that you begin protecting the skin on your hands immediately. Committing to this process now can help keep your skin in optimal condition for years to come, and will limit the amount of work you have to undertake to retain a clear and healthy complexion.

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