A lot has been written about breast size and breast volume, and while having breasts that are the “right size” is an important issue to many, having breasts that are the “same size” is equally important.  Many women feel their breasts are too small or too big, but most take for granted that both breasts will be of a similar size. 

Assymetrical Breast

No woman has perfect breast symmetry naturally, but in certain cases one breast is one or more complete sizes bigger or smaller than the other.  In other cases, the breasts may be close to each other in size, but they are different shapes. This makes wearing summer, workout or other reveling clothing difficult.  With such a noticeable discrepancy, surgical correction is often the answer.

Multiple Corrections

When breasts are made symmetrical through surgery, it often takes more than one cosmetic procedure to bring them into balance, but Dr. Kesarwani is usually able to do this with one procedure.  If the size and the shape of the breasts are different, you may require a little bit of lift, some reduction or implant placement to make them the same. 

The fact that this combination of procedures exists and multiple corrections are possible on the same patient are big reasons why extreme breast asymmetry doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.  Whether your breasts changed after your teen years or giving birth or they’ve always been asymmetrical, this mixture of procedures is the difference you need. 

Every Situation Is Unique

Your personal consultation with the doctor is the key element that will determine which approach is best for your situation.  There is no common ailment known as “breast asymmetry” and every single situation is unique.  And it is during your consultation that real nature of the issue will come to light.

If the end goal is to have two breasts that are the same shape and size, with the nipples and areola in balance with one another, this meeting is crucial.  In some cases, one breast will need a lift and the other will need a reduction.  Other times, one will need an implant and the other will need a lift.  Still other times, one will need a reduction and the other won’t need a thing.  More commonly, in addition to a lift or reduction we add implants of differing sizes to both breasts to acheive the best result.

Basically, the doctor will evaluate your situation and choose the least-complicated combination of procedures that will bring your breasts into symmetry.  If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious about having one breast that’s noticeably bigger, smaller, rounder, thinner or fuller than the other, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. 

Give us a call, make an appointment and we’ll get the process started.