If our faces are our most exposed and visible body parts, then our hands are a close second. Except for when we’re wearing gloves or mittens, they are always out, visible, and in contact with the world.

Good Looking Hand

This continuous exposure packs a double-whammy to our aging and our perceived age.

  • For one thing, our hands are much more vulnerable to harsh elements because of their exposure. They are weathered and worn more since we use them to handle everything! All this wear and tear can make them seem much more aged than the rest of our bodies.
  • On top of that, the fact that our hands are more visible and noticeable than other areas of our body means that if they look aged, we may be seen as prematurely aged as well!

Fortunately, there lots of treatments available to keep hands looking and feeling great!

Concern 1: Age spots and uneven pigmentation

Over time, exposure to ultra violet light from the sun or from tanning beds can lead to the formation of uneven areas of skin pigmentation. These “age spots” can be particularly apparent on the backs of our hands.

  • Treatment: Photo Rejuvenation Limelight

    Intense Pulse Light, or IPL, is a new and modern treatment that can give your skin more even complexion and smooth texture. Your doctor will apply topical medications to prepare your skin for treatment and to improve comfort during the procedure. Then, the IPL is applied and the light penetrates down to the problematic layers of the skin. IPL is also an effective treatment for things like broken blood vessels or rosacea.

Concern 2: Prominent veins and/or bones

With age, our skin gets thinner and loses some of its plump volume. Eventually this makes the veins, tendons, and bones in our hands much more visible.

  • Treatment: Fat or Sculptra injections

    Fat injections can give your hands a fuller, more youthful appearance. Similarly, Sculptra injections can rejuvenate your skin by activating your body’s production of collagen. Collagen helps your skin stay full and firm, and minimizes wrinkles.

Concern 3: Dry, cracked, or rough skin

The skin on our hands is particularly vulnerable to getting dry and damaged, especially in harsh winter weather.

  • Treatment: Moisturizing Hand Cream

    This might seem like an obvious recommendation, but it’s important and is well worth repeating! Make a habit of applying a high-quality moisturizing hand cream to your skin daily. Since your hands are more visible and more vulnerable, they need extra care to stay soft and moisturized.

Dr. Kesarwanihas been performing fat transfers to all areas of the body for many years and his patients with fat grafting to the hands are always happy!