Otoplasty And How It Can Help You

Otoplasty is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the ears. Since it is a procedure that only corrects external ear irregularities, it won’t have an impact on your hearing, but there is much that it will do! The surgery is typically done for ears that are protruding too far from the head or to reduce the size of very large ears. It’s a safe and effective surgery that does a great deal to improve self-confidence and self-image.

What Does Otoplasty Treat?

  • Macrotia or very large ears.

  • Protruding ears on either one or both sides.

  • Ears that previously have been operated on with an unsatisfactory result.

Are You or Your Child Good Candidates?

Children should be in good health, be at least five years old, have no untreated ear infection, and be able to voice their feelings about surgery and be cooperative. Adults should not have a life-threatening illness, should not smoke, and should have specific goals they would like to attain with through surgery.

If your ears are in proportion to the rest of your face and head, the surgical outcome is greatly enhanced. Some factors you may want to discuss with your surgeon include your age or the age of your child, your ethnicity, your skin type, and healing times.

Four Steps of an Otoplasty

  1. You’re given anesthesia which could be general, local, or intravenous. You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon during a consultation visit.
  2. An incision will be made. Surgical techniques to correct protruding ears include increasing or creating the fold inside the rim of your ear and cartilage in the area. Incisions are usually on the back of the ear. However, if incisions are needed in the front, your surgeon will make them within the folds so they’ll be hidden. Permanent, internal stitches fashion and keep reshaped cartilage in place.
  3. Incisions are closed. Sutures are used to close the incision.
  4. See your new look! Otoplasty usually offers immediate results. Once any dressings have been removed, you’ll be able to fully see the new shape and/or size of you or your child’s ears.

It’s important to note that your surgeon will give you a guide on how to care for your ears postoperatively, what medications to take, and what to do to keep any infection at bay. You will also be given a follow-up appointment time.

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