The Right Time For A Tummy Tuck After Having Kids

Your family is complete. Now you’d like to do something for yourself after giving birth to your beautiful children. More and more women are opting to have a tummy tuck, or the proper surgical term, abdominoplasty, after having kids. Some are taking it even further and opting for the “mummy tuck,” a three-part overhaul which includes a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Still, the most popular post-children surgical procedure is a tummy tuck.

Realistic Expectations

A tummy tuck won’t give you the stomach you had at 18. But it more than likely will rid you of the post-partum “pooch” in your abdominal area. This surgery will give you a hip-to-hip scar hidden in your pubic area that’s low enough to be hidden by low-rise jeans or bikini bottoms. Abdominal surgery won’t remove any stretch marks you have.

Surgeons recommend women try to get down to within ten pounds of their pre-baby weight prior to surgery and to adopt a healthy lifestyle afterwards to keep their weight stable, in order to keep the skin from stretching and abdominal muscles from separating.

When Is the Best Time to Have the Surgery?

Most plastic surgeons advise waiting at least six months after giving birth to have a tummy tuck. Breastfeeding also comes into play as does the question of having more children. Also, women should have finished breastfeeding before surgery to give their hormones a chance to become regulated.

Since patients will be taking strong pain medication for a while postoperatively, driving is out for a week to ten days. Pain meds are another reason a woman must wait until she is finished breastfeeding. Most swelling is gone within a month, but it can be six months or more for it to completely go away and up to a year to get full sensation back in stomach area.

Surgeons suggest that if a woman has gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and still has some to lose, waiting to reach a healthy weight would be helpful in having a positive post-surgery outcome. As for future pregnancies, some surgeons advise that if a woman is planning on having another baby within a couple years, she should consider waiting to have a tummy tuck. However, it is a personal decision. These issues are best discussed with your plastic surgeon.