Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure done to create a taut stomach area. The procedure involves removing excess fat, skin and tissues from the abdominal section, to make for a smoother and firmer profile. Abdominoplasty also helps restore muscles that have been weakened or separated.

Are You A Good Candidate For Abdominoplasty?

Is Abdominoplasty Right for You?

No matter how much exercise you do or how healthy your diet is, certain factors can cause your abdomen to sag or protrude. For example, genetics play a large role in how our stomachs look. The aging process also slows down our metabolism, making it harder to keep our stomachs flat. If you’ve tried diet and exercise to achieve a well-toned stomach but to no avail, a tummy tuck might be right for you. Furthermore, abdominoplasty can be done on women who have had children, allowing them to enjoy the pre-pregnancy body they once had. Both men and women can have this surgery.

To be a good candidate for abdominoplasty, you must be:

  • In good health. You will have to undergo a physical or have your general practitioner speak to your surgeon to discuss your overall health.

  • At a stable weight. If you are someone whose weight fluctuates, you will need to get that under control before your surgery.

  • Done having children. If you plan on carrying more children, you will reverse the effects of your abdominoplasty when you become pregnant again.

  • A non-smoker. Smokers will be asked to quit at least two weeks before the procedure and remain smoke-free during the recovery process.

Who Isn’t a Good Candidate for this Surgery?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for a tummy tuck. If you are in poor health, you cannot undergo an abdominoplasty, because your body may not be able to heal properly. Moreover, people who are significantly overweight and have too much fat surrounding their internal organs will be required to slim down considerably before their candidacy can be determined.

Is Abdominoplasty a Weight Loss Solution?

Abdominoplasty is not a substitute for weight loss. You will have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. If you are planning on losing weight, you will need to ensure you have reached your goal weight (within a few pounds) before undergoing a tummy tuck. Finally, abdominoplasty cannot remove stretch marks, although they may be partially corrected depending on where the skin will be excised.

As with any cosmetic surgery, you will need to have realistic expectations. The outcome will be a flat, smooth abdominal area but it will not happen overnight. Your body will need to take a few weeks to heal before you begin to see the results.