A tummy tuck procedure has become one of the most popular methods for women to recover their figure after pregnancy and significant weight gain. But the decision to undergo the procedure is not one that women take lightly — a lot of thought, research and consultation with a physician is required before deciding whether a tummy tuck is right for you.

Tummy Tucks After Giving Birth


Thousands of tummy tucks are completed across Canada on an annual basis. And the majority of operations are now completed for young mothers looking to get their body back after a recent pregnancy. For young mothers considering a tummy tuck procedure, there are many important considerations.

Timing is Everything: Wait Until your Body is Ready

The importance of timing cannot be understated when considering a post-pregnancy tummy tuck. The average post-pregnancy body is not immediately in the ideal condition for surgery and so women must evaluate their personal health carefully at this stage and consult with their physician.

Breast Feeding will be an Important Consideration

Women often breastfeed their babies for the first few months of the baby’s life and during this time, it’s unadvisable to undergo a tummy tuck procedure due to the short-term impact the surgery will have on the patient’s body. Most health professionals recommend that women wait at least six months after their pregnancy before they undergo the tummy tuck procedure.

While some women may be able to have the operation sooner, they must only make the decision after speaking with their health professional and undergoing various tests that ensure their body is in optimal condition.

Important Considerations Before Undergoing a Tummy Tuck

In addition to the timing of the tummy tuck, there are many other important considerations. These include the following:

  • Post-Operative Care

Oftentimes, tummy tuck patients require at least 10 days of care in a hospital environment after the tummy tuck procedure. This can limit mothers in terms of the activities they can complete with their children during that time.

  • Long-Term Benefits

For many women, the long-term benefits of the procedure must also be considered. For example, they may feel a heightened sense of confidence about their appearance. This may help enhance their lifestyle and make them better able to care for their child in the coming years.

The tummy tuck procedure has a number of advantages for women in the post-pregnancy stages. Before beginning the process, consult with our team of experts for more information and to learn more about your options.